Bubble Flash Mob 2013!


Join us for the 2nd Annual Bubble Flash Mob!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Dolores Park; Children's Playground Area

A few of us will be there hanging out & doing some juggling before 11am. Look for the top hat!

If folks can get to the park and just lurk nearby — doing your own thing— by 11am that would be fabulous.

At 11:11 on the dot, we all pull out our bubble containers and start blowing bubbles, whooping it up and enjoying the bubble madness.

We'll have extra bubbles on hand but please bring some if you can. And if you have a bubble machine, PLEASE bring it!!!!


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Bubble Flash Mob is in celebration of Plant a Kiss Day, dedicated to spreading some color, joy, magic, and connection! Visit the Plant a Kiss Blog Hop Party to read about what other folks created for Plant a Kiss Day!


Photo © Can Stock Photo Inc./Vlue


Celebrate Plant a Kiss Day

April 28/29, 2013

Plant a Kiss Day was created to celebrate the message and spirit behind Amy Krouse Rosenthal's work and her book, "Plant a Kiss."

"In this gentle tale about hope, kindness, and sharing, see how one small acts blooms into something grander than anyone ever could have imagined."

What small act could you set forth to bloom?